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In quoting another; Wayne Dyer (5/10/40-8/29/2015) said, “You can be a host for God or a hostage to ego”~

The point of power is always in the present moment                                                                            Louise Hay


How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.   ~ Wayne Dyer




We are creators brainwashed architecturally by the powers that be to retreat to an unintelligent archaic type of being. In other words, we are trained at birth to focus on everything except ourselves. We are taught that magic is out of our reach and that we create our reality by living in a consumer matrix. In this consumer matrix, we survive by working our butts off in order to live up to the Jones’.

This is how we are taught to bring our desires into manifestation…work hard…get new things. With the concept of time here on Earth slowing things down (like we are in step-by-step mode), and humans waiting an average of 3/4 of their lives waiting on busses to come, someone to answer the phone (the list goes on), busting butt in order to manifest our dreams makes no sense.

If life is all about waiting, what is living life like? Waiting and working hard is not what really living life is. For one day, make it your goal to find beauty in everything you see and to love everyone and thing around you. Practice this more each day and you will feel your vibrations rise and you will be able to see, touch, smell and hear your manifestations. 🙂

STOP FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU DON’T HAVE. If you are one who talks about the Law of Attraction and has tried to make it work and then complain that is does not work, take a deeper look inside for personal adjustments. It works if you work it! Attract that which you desire back to you by coming into alignment with it vibrationally. If you focus on the lack of that which you desire, you are attracting that lack for as long as you focus on it.

If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else? If you don’t spend time with you, how do you know who you are? Take some time for yourself everyday without fail…make it a habit.

Do you think putting on makeup to get ready for work is taking time out of the day to spend time with yourself? Puttin on makeup to go to work is spending more time in the matrix to do matrix things.

Matrix things you say. What are matrix things? Matrix things are conditional and are put in place to make you think you are doing things for yourself when in reality (in the matrix), you are doing things that are prescribed by the media to keep the matrix alive.

On the condition that you look good for work, you can keep your job. On the condition that you act accordingly, you are accepted into our group. On the condition that you work hard, you will eventually own your home right before you croak and have no time to enjoy life.


You ask with your desire and then you block (or allow) with your belief ~ Abraham Hicks

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In this matrix, you forget who you are. Go inside and you’ll remember you are divine beings living a human experience. 

In the darkness, you are the light. 


September 11, 2019

I had the opportunity at the beginning of the year to collaborate with other coaches by writing a chapter in a book. I am so excited that the book has been released!
“The Power of Life Coaching Volume 3: Manifesting Transformation in Financial, Professional, Emotional, Spiritual, Wellness and Relationship Aspects” on Amazon where you can now buy YOUR copy!

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