Creators of Our Lives (COOL) is a spiritual community. This is not a religious community. You are invited either way. This is a community because this is not just a website focusing on the spiritual, meaning our authentic selves but included are things like courses, coaching and other websites keeping us busy. The intention whether information on this site, in the courses, my spiritual and life coaching is to ensure you are living in authenticity. To live any other way is to create insanity and dis-ease because when we do not live in authenticity we live in a reality created by others and in this world the frequencies, the vibrations are much lower than what they should be to keep us happy and disease free.



With regard to the courses, the introductory course (if interested) is free. In fact, you will be able to take all courses as they become available for free with a paid membership.. Without a membership these courses would otherwise cost between $100-$1,000 per 4 to 10-week course. Courses include but are not limited to “From Where Does Your Belief System Stem?” “The Typical Belief System In The Matrix,” “Unplugging From The Matrix,” “How To Be The Deliberate Creator of your Reality,” and more!  Membership will be available before the 2023 new year.


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As divine spiritual beings having temporary human experiences it is important to note that we are here to experience life. We have free will, as does all of the universe so the experiences that we choose may carry high or low vibrations. This is dependent on that which we choose to experience as physical beings or what we chose to experience in a soul contract before we incarnated for the purpose of evolution.

While the third dimension is a place to experience life in all of its fullness as divinity in a physical body, it is also a place where souls evolve into higher dimensions that are less dense than the third density. You may ask, how can souls evolve if they are already divine and this is a good question. Picture the big bang as an explosion of consciousness. In other words, the explosion of the GREAT energy, the creator, extended itself into more of itself and those selves connected while also being individual souls spread throughout many universes. This energy includes stars, planets, human souls, extraterrestrial souls, trees, plants and, well, everything. Everything is the creator expressing itself in many forms in order to gain different perspectives to know itself.

While the Bible shared many truths, it was taken from the masses, edited and information was taken out and purposely taken out of context at the discretion of certain people without the permission from the masses, therefore you may guess that it was done in order to deceive humanity. In the Bible, we come to the premise that God is the father in heaven that judges us. He has a son named Jesus that is more special and powerful than us while others say Jesus was God in the flesh. Here is the first question that you should ask yourselves. If Jesus is the son of God and God is our father, what is the difference between Jesus and other humans (his brothers and sisters)? We were all created in HIS image; therefore, we are all the same. Jesus was God’s only living son? Then that would mean all other men are not so then we are not God’s children? Hmmm

Jesus, the Rabbi, was an enlightened being. So, the story is that before we incarnate, we choose to be here and decide on many factors. These factors include the experiences we will endure for soul (conscious) evolution so these may be lessons. We can choose our family and so forth. When we incarnate, we forget who we are and during our life time, we are supposed to remember who we are. That is what Jesus did and we all have the ability to do the same. This is what he was teaching us.

The reason why Jesus was a “magical” being and seemed more evolved than the rest was because he was enlightened which comes with evolving UP to higher dimensions. These dimensions come from within so understand the kingdom of heaven is within. My body is my temple. There is no physical dimension outside of consciousness and it is our birthright to evolve to these other dimensions. In fact, it is our goal. In higher dimensions, life as we know it is very different with regard to matter. Look at people who can put their hands through wood like some maybe practicing martial artists In the third dimension (third density) matter is denser than say the 4th dimension. In the 4th dimension which is like a bridge between the 3rd and 5th dimensions, you will slowly see matter less dense and feel time speed up. Further, space or distance also changes. You can feel that matter is all made up of the same stuff. with this knowledge and training one learns how to manipulate matter and the wood is simply broken. The 3rd dimension is an absolute illusion but when you are evolving to the 4th dimension you feel as if you are leaving reality into an illusionary space. It is quite the opposite. Earth is school where we have lessons for the sole purpose of conscious evolution. Welcome to your journey. By the way, deja-vu is a wonderful thing. When you experience it, you can be assured that what you just read is true because deja-vu is you remembering a time when. A time when you did that thing or when you were at that place and when you built or helped build a bridge, a building, etc.

In the 5th dimension you can see through matter and telepathy is normal. Without going further up the ladder, the elevator, the dimensions or climbing closer to heaven (the kingdom of heaven is inside of us) you may now realize why Jesus was able to perform the ‘magic’ or miracles that he performed. This is not magic. It was coined magic in order for us to think it is not natural to us when it absolutely is. When you realize that we are divine spiritual beings having a human experience, when you realize we are all energy, when you realize that you can manipulate energy because it is light rather than dense form, you can do what Jesus did. Jesus reminded humanity of what others chose to have humanity forget. He was murdered as a result of this and a lie was made to hide the truth. Those running the planet, as they still are, did not want this truth out. If humans knew the power within, the cabal would lose control. This continues today as it has for many, many years.

Witches were burned and tortured and the powers that be calling all witches devil worshippers as an excuse to murder them was just another lie. The witches knew the truth. They knew of their higher selves which is actually our authentic selves, the soul. We do not have souls, we are souls and we temporarily live in these vehicles called bodies (physicality, avatars). This cabal does everything it can to keep the lid on the truth. What about the “woke” or aware entertainers? What happens to them when they become aware of what is going on in this matrix? They die! Is it always an accident or suicide? No, that would be very hard to believe.

Prince could have died in a multitude of ways. The point is that he did not want to continue to go against the grain, sell himself to the music business and he changed his name to a sign. He did not hide his opinions about the greed in the business and he started his own record label. In the entertainment business, run by the cabal, what Prince stood for was a reason for the cabal to rid of him. Another or shall I say very big reason for them to rid of Prince was because he did not embrace fear like many other people do. The cabal keep us in fear and I will discuss this in another article. This is not a bad conspiracy theory. Look at what the cabal did to John Lennon. They followed him and banned his song “Imagine”. “They” called that a conspiracy theory…until…it wasn’t.

31 Prince GIFs That Will Awaken Your Inner Thirst | Prince gifs, Prince, Prince  musician
Prince dies in April of 2016. Image retrieved here

“Prince appeared “pale” and “weak” during one of his last public appearances, it has been claimed, amid reports the music superstar stayed awake for 154 hours before his death.”

So many reasons why
There’s so many reasons why
I don’t belong here
But now that I am I
Without fear I am
Gonna conquer with no fear
Until I find my way back home


“Prince went to great lengths to make it clear that although he happened to have a lot of money, he didn’t think too highly of that fact and it wasn’t the reason he created music. In fact, he once said in a Los Angeles Times interview, “If I knew the things I know now before, I wouldn’t be in the music industry.” Time and again in his songs he criticized greed and called out those he felt were most guilty of it whether it was corporate America in general or the music industry in particular that tried to control his art.  In “Face Down” he mocks the music industry’s assumption that he was in it for the money.”

Ain’t that a bitch? Thinkin’ all along that he wanted to be rich
Never respected the root of all evil and he still don’t to this day

“And he didn’t just sing about it. He actively rebelled against the industry’s greed through public acts of protest. Although his use of the moniker “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” or an unpronounceable symbol for his name was, at the time, portrayed as the eccentricities of a big ego, they were actually acts of rebellion against his record label for the way it sought to control his work, tried to tell him to “keep your place,” and to dictate what he was allowed to sing about and what he wasn’t (he famously appeared in public with the word “slave” on his cheek in protest). And as noted in princple #3 above, he gave away staggering amounts of his money on a regular basis without any ballyhoo.”

Michael Jackson

PHILLIP GALANES: You meditate?

KOBE BRYANT: [N.B.A. coach] Phil Jackson introduced me to it. When I was 18, Michael Jackson tried to get me to meditate. He could sit in meditation for seven hours. But I couldn’t sit still for 20 minutes.

PG: Michael Jackson?

KB: Yeah. “Thriller” Michael Jackson.

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves regardless of Democrats arguing to keep slavery. Had to assassinate him, he was changing the narrative. Less division, no slaves and less fear. Fear is the lowest vibration.

John F Kennedy

“Some believe that Oswald was an agent of the Soviet Union or was working for one of the local political groups which held anti-Kennedy sentiment and were not in agreement with Kennedy’s stands on Cuba, organized crime or civil rights.”

“Oswald would never be officially convicted for killing JFK, as a night club owner named Jack Ruby shot Oswald on live television as retribution for the assassination of JFK while he was being escorted to a police car by Dallas police. A number of investigations headed by the Dallas Police Department, FBI and CIA all concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the individual that assassinated John F. Kennedy.”

Martin Luther King

Wait, this man was trying to bring people together, right? That means no division. We are ONE! Cannot let that out of the bag, may as well silence him.

Today’s Grooming of Society like the leap from third density to fith with 4th being a short time bridge, the cabal have this idea of leaping from free societies to communism with socialism being an even shorter time bridge.


We are creators brainwashed architecturally by the powers that be to retreat to an unintelligent archaic type of being. In other words, we are trained at birth to focus on everything except ourselves. We are taught that magic is out of our reach and that we create our reality by living in a consumer matrix. In this consumer matrix, we survive by working our butts off in order to live up to the Jones’.

This is how we are taught to bring our desires into manifestation…work hard…get new things. With the concept of time here on Earth slowing things down (like we are in step-by-step mode), and humans waiting an average of 3/4 of their lives waiting on busses to come, someone to answer the phone (the list goes on), busting butt in order to manifest our dreams makes no sense.

If life is all about waiting, what is living life like? Waiting and working hard is not what really living life is. For one day, make it your goal to find beauty in everything you see and to love everyone and thing around you. Practice this more each day to aid in deliberate manifestation, you will feel your vibrations rise and you will be able to see, touch, smell and hear your manifestations. 🙂


KINDRED SOULS FESTIVAL ~ The Human Experience Project


If you don’t love yourself, how can someone else? If you don’t spend time with you, how do you know who you are? Take some time for yourself everyday without fail…make it a habit.

Do you think putting on makeup to get ready for work is taking time out of the day to spend time with yourself? Putting on makeup to go to work is spending more time in the matrix to do matrix things.

Matrix things you say. What are matrix things? Matrix things are conditional and are put in place to make you think you are doing things for yourself when in reality (in the matrix), you are doing things that are prescribed by the media to keep the matrix alive.

On the condition that you look good for work, you can keep your job. On the condition that you act accordingly, you are accepted into our group. On the condition that you work hard, you will eventually own your home right before you croak and have no time to enjoy life.

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