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This course is necessary as the foundation to:

1. Change and enjoy life,
2. Take back your belief system
3. Better enable you to have success with the Law of Attraction (LOA), and
3. Learn about the real you

It focuses on becoming your greatest self in order to unplug from the matrix and create your own grid. Learn what is holding you back from creating your reality. Indoctrination into the matrix at birth means our habitual thoughts (beliefs) and that which we want to manifest is in opposition to what we actually manifest because our belief system is created by others. In other words, it was hijacked at birth. If your beliefs are in opposition to your true desires, your true desires will not manifest.
After each lesson, you become more of your authentic self enabling you to deliberately create your reality.

This course is an introductory course and is broken down into 4 lessons. Each lesson is one week long. The course is designed to run for one month. You will learn the basics in this course as a foundation for future courses.


1. You will need a comfortable space where you can read content and watch videos

2. You will need some type of journal to take notes that you can refer to throughout each lesson. Please be mindful of the planet and use an electronic journal whenever possible

3. You need time set aside for your growth

4. You need an open mind



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