Reply To: The Veil


I created this thread in 2019 and I have not advertised to get this forum going. I had a festival to and then the pandemic to deal with. I see in this time that the veil has been thinning and many people are finally seeing what is really going on in the matrix.

I stopped in 711 tonight and was very happy to hear the employee ask a customer if he was taking the vaccine. The customer said I don’t trust anything man. Then I spoke with the employee asking if he was taking the vaccine and he said, “No! Why so I can have a chip inserted in me and when they push the button we all die?”

This is not where we ask if what he said is relevant or a conspiracy; instead, we say good job for having your own thoughts. Question everything. You protect your children, and your parents but do you protect yourself? You have no idea what another person’s agenda is and have no idea who is capable of what.