The Veil

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    The media in this matrix we live in, definitely aids in keeping the veil over your true existence. That doesn’t mean you have to wear one forever. Just take what the media tells us on most subjects and realize that it is the opposite of the truth. What is real in the matrix is not reality. The matrix creates reality for us. Whether or not it is accepted depends on the individual.

    The more one is enmeshed in media growing up, the more brainwashed s/he will be. An advantage for some of us is that we didn’t have much of an interest in the B.S. on television. We didn’t see religion, media, and politics as acceptable parts of society. They are an intrusion of reality and we weren’t having it because it is important to create your own belief system, not one shoveled into your mind from others for the sake of them running the matrix with bad intent.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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