Please Stop Living by Your Edited Bibles

I can never say enough (for at least 36 years) that many of you do not have your own belief system. Once you realize this, you will realize that the things you preach with such passion are someone else’s beliefs. Bibles were stolen from the masses, burned, and rewritten. They were held from Christians for 1,000 years. It was illegal for Christians to own a Bible. Looking for proof of this online twenty to twenty-two years ago was no easy feat. I knew there had to be information out there about how untrue the words in the Bible were, something was missing. At that time, I found only one article about changing the words. At that time, I was also curious as to why the day of rest was changed to Sunday when the Sabbath day was actually Saturday. I found an article about the Pope changing the day to Sunday for the Pagans (Sun).

I understand that it is hard to change an entire belief system. You are in denial now and this will be a nightmare for you but until you accept the truth, you will remain a nonspiritual, brainwashed being who worships “Rabbi Jesus” the Jewish man who was an enlightened man teaching other humans how to use the power within. A great man, absolutely but no different in physical makeup then us and spiritually, he was more evolved like many of us walking Earth at this time. You can also become enlightened but you are too busy being religious with closed minds. Lest you not forget that there is a kingdom of heaven and it is in you. It is NOT outside of you at all. He taught us that we are no different than him. He was nailed to a cross and you wear his dead body around your necks which is very disrespectful, especially because you have no idea of the meaning of His words because you were lied to. He did not die for our sins, he died because the people who murdered him were sinners.

By murdering Him to keep the truth from us, those murderers committed crimes against humanity and they continue to do so. Not a birthright that you have is allowed to be had or practiced, and now your right to breathe. Do you know your breath (prana) is your life force, your connection to your inner-being? This man died in vain because you do NOT know the meaning of the words he spoke.

Please read the following articles. The articles have links that you can click on to find more information. I am ecstatic to find a multitude of articles and resources to back what I have been discussing for almost all of my life. Maybe people will think I am less of a conspiracy theorist or less of a nut.

Why Christians Were Denied Access to Their Bible for 1,000 Years (2013)

Although this net writing states that the Bible has been changed but not purposely tampered with as a result of politics, it still shows that the words and stories in the Bible were changed or omitted. How do we know that The Bible wasn’t tampered with by people in power who wanted to use the texts to their advantage? How do we know that The Bible wasn’t constructed to have control over the Masses? (2019).